Does the laundry go to an outside laundry company?

Yes it does. We have been using the same company for the last four years, they are quick, efficient and effective. We provide linen bags with your property’s name on. Your stuff remains your stuff! You will need three full sets of bed linen and towels if you are letting your property commercially, to allow for any short breaks.

How do you pay contractors on our behalf?

We have built up a bank of contacts over the last five years and will help you source a local contractor. However, we do not pay them for you, they submit an invoice addressed to you, which we forward to you for direct payment.

How do you monitor the oil?

If you have a Watchman gauge in the property, positioned in the kitchen or somewhere accessible, we can keep an eye on it and let you know when it’s getting low.

How does the money work?

We invoice you each month for the number of changeovers, welcome packs and anything else we have purchased on your behalf. Full details are on our Terms and Conditions of Business.

Do we need to give you keys?

Yes - definitely and for each door. We need to hold a full set in case the guests lose all or part of their set (which they retrieve from a keysafe on their arrival.) We will also need a key for a storage area that will house spare linen, towels and supplies. You may also, depending on the arrangement with your letting agent, also want to lock away logs and kindling, except a starter amount.

What’s in the Welcome Pack?

That’s up to you, but generally it includes provisions to get the guests started eg, tea, ground coffee, biscuits, jam, milk, butter, bread and eggs. We can include a bottle of red wine, for that extra special touch.

What about loo roll and that sort of thing?

We can ensure the property has supplies of loo roll, kitchen roll, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, bin bags or even logs and kindling etc etc. We just add any costs to your monthly invoice.

Do you really take calls from the guests?

Yes - our job is to be as proactive as possible and ensure there’s limited reasons for us to get a phone call. Of course, there can always be something unforeseen so we will take their call. If it’s something we can deal with over the phone and we don’t need to attend the property, there’s no additional charge.

How often do I need the upholstery and carpets cleaned?

We will keep an eye on bedspreads and throws etc and ensure they’re laundered as required. If your property is commercially let, you need to think about cleaning your carpets, curtains, upholstery and scatter cushions at least once a year. We can arrange this on your behalf.

Anything we haven’t covered? Just ask!

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